As 2019 is just around the corner, those of us who are in the tax preparation industry, especially here in San Francisco, began to get nervous. We look beyond Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Christmas or holiday break, to what we call the Super Bowl of taxation. Roundabout in January, everyone else will begin to get back to work, and will begin to focus on their taxes, or more specifically on their tax refund, if they are lucky enough to get one.

Best Tax Preparation Service in San Francisco what is also a CPA FirmAt that point in time, our phones will become flooded with inquiries from people who have procrastinated and yet are looking to find the best tax preparer in San Francisco, often one who is also a CPA or certified public accountant. Fortunately, we have many folks on our staff who are CPAs and who are experts in tax preparation services. We have staff members here in our San Francisco office who focus on individual tax returns, with a lot of knowledge and insight for those who are high income individuals, or perhaps people who live or work in San Francisco and also have stock options from the vibrant technology sector. We have other staff members who focus on expatriate tax return preparation, as for example, for people who are Canadians but live in California and thus must file both USA and Canadian tax returns. And, we have still other accountants on our staff here in San Francisco who are focused on international tax issues.

A Boutique CPA Firm in San Francisco That is a Tax Preparation Service (And More)

We do a lot of individual work as well as a lot of corporate work. In fact, there’s a little secret that we are known as one of the best tax preparation services in San Francisco that is not a huge national chain, where one-size-fits-all, but is rather one of the best boutique CPA firms that also is an amazing tax preparation service. So, if you’re looking for a boutique CPA firm that can give you one on one attention yet also has the depth of staff to deal with many different types of tax issues, you found us.

What are your next steps if you’re looking for a tax preparer in San Francisco? First and foremost, call into our office as soon as possible to set up an initial call or consultation. We book up early and by the peak of tax season will be unable to take on every new client to bangs on our door. They say, that the early bird gets the worm, which may or may not be true. What is true is that the person or business who procrastinates when it comes to tax preparation may not be able to find the best CPA firm for the job, or more specifically they may be able to find the best CPA firm for the job but that CPA firm may not be able to take them on as a client. We are in an industry that books up, it’s sort of like coming to San Francisco during the fall when millions of tourists are descending on the bay area. It’s hard to find a hotel room!

Similarly, if you are looking for a tax preparation service in San Francisco on April 14, the force had better be with you. Alternatively, if you have not procrastinated, we are always looking for good matches. A good match for us is a high income individual, and or a business that is looking for a CPA firm to really help them with a long-term tax strategy. Yes, we are a tax preparation service and we know where the secrets and pitfalls lie in the US tax system. But we are much more than a tax preparation service! We are a strategic consultancy who can work with you to minimize your taxes whether it’s January, June, or September. We can minimize your taxes whether you are a high income individual, an individual with expatriate or international tax exposure, or you are a corporation that needs a CPA firm that understands business tax issues.

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