We have to put our hands up: when it comes to bookkeeping services here in San Francisco, we don’t know any business owner who enjoys it. Apart from us, of course. But for most business owners, bookkeeping is a pain in the neck. Using our bookkeeping services makes tax returns simple for San Francisco residentsThey run their business because they enjoy it, and it makes them money – hopefully, a lot of money. So, they might run a bar in the Castro, a manufacturing business out in the Mission, a landscape business servicing the estates in Pacific Heights, a barber’s downtown, a retail shop on Market Street, an auto repair shop in the Mission, a garden center in Noe Valley – anything at all. And bookkeeping takes them away from doing the kind of business that is “in demand” here in San Francisco.

So bookkeeping is time-consuming and stops you doing the things that make you money. What’s more, it’s math, isn’t it (groan). And most people not only have an aversion to math, but they hated it in their schooldays, and they hate it even more now. They didn’t start their business to get involved with math, for heaven’s sake!

Doing The Books In The Evening Or At The Weekend

The result is that many SF business owners find themselves doing their books in the evening or at the weekend, when they could be enjoying themselves. But no, they are up to their elbows in math instead. And it has to be right. But because they don’t like it, they tend to cut corners, or perhaps they don’t understand something, so they think to themselves “I’ll sort that out tomorrow”. But tomorrow, something else comes up, so it gets forgotten.

But, strange as it may seem, our accountants love math! To us, juggling with figures so that the right answer comes out at the end is something that gives us great pleasure. It’s difficult to describe, but perhaps it is similar to building a huge copy of Harry Potter’s Hogwarts School out of something such as Lego. Every piece has to be exactly right or the whole thing is going to collapse. And that is why we really enjoy providing our bookkeeping services in San Francisco to business owners. You may hate it, but getting it spot on gives us pleasure.

Come on: you enjoy your business, and we enjoy carrying out bookkeeping services in San Francisco. What’s more, when we do this for you, your end of year tax returns (which need preparing now) are very simple because your books have been right all through the year. So, it’s a question of putting it all together and your tax return pops out very simply, instead of us having to spend day after day poring over books that have not been done correctly so that we can get your tax return right. And that keeps your tax bill down and our fees down.

Let’s face it, you’ve got to get it done one way or another. So why not use our bookkeeping services in San Francisco and make your life easier?