December 5, 2018 – San Francisco, California. Safe Harbor LLP, long considered one of the leading CPA firms in the San Francisco Bay Area and in California for businesses, corporations, and startups as well as high net worth individuals, is proud to announce a forward-looking blog post on how to find the best tax preparation service in San Francisco.

Best Tax Preparation Service in San Francisco

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Many San Francisco residents will turn to this issue as the holidays conclude in just over one month; so the post is being published now so that it will “stand ready” when all eyes turn from the holidays and towards tax season.

“We’re excited about the Holiday Season, as San Francisco is a super fun city for the Holidays,” explained Chun Wong, Managing Partner at Safe Harbor LLP. “However, as the leading boutique CPA firm and tax service in SF, we know that come January 2, all eyes will turn to tax preparation. Our blog post anticipates this change of season.”

To read the blog post on finding the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, please visit the website. Persons who want even more information on individual tax preparation services can visit or reach out to Safe Harbor LLP for a personalized tax consultation. No two individuals are alike, nor are their tax return preparation needs. Accordingly, after reading the blog posts to the website, a savvy individual will reach out for a consultation.


Here is background on this release. The big box tax preparation services will undoubtedly flood the airwaves with advertisements on January 2, 2019, just as will the gyms and weight loss plans. But as with weight loss and get-in-shape systems, the best strategy isn’t a “crash diet.” Rather, it’s a slow but steady program that works on preparation. Indeed, the best tax preparation in San Francisco, as the blog post warns, might not be the one that has the flashiest office downtown or the biggest billboard in Union Square. It might be a boutique agency that is a CPA firm employing the smartest minds in San Francisco, minds who understand international tax, the needs of high income individuals, and even expatriate tax preparation issues for San Francisco’s vibrant expat community. Another tip in the post is to come in for a consultation. A face-to-face meeting will tell a person whether he will see that tax preparation representative again, or whether he or she is merely a cog in a corporate machine.

With a storied history and a participatory perspective on San Francisco, Safe Harbor rounds out the piece by admonishing San Franciscans to “go local” when selecting the best tax preparation service in SF. Finding the best tax preparation service in San Francisco, like finding the best spouse isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Instead, it’s a match that requires face-to-face communication, a willingness to listen and to learn, and one that is best made via the singular communication of one human being to another.


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